Wallet & Backup Creation - 2 of 2

You have to create a backup and hide it and make sure you don’t store it at the same place where you keep your passphrase.

  1. Get a pen and a piece of paper.

  2. Click on Create. You will be provided with 12 words. Note them down with pen and paper.

  3. Take your time and write them down correctly. Make sure that the words are easily readable and in the correct order.

  4. Write down the number in front of each word, to make sure you know what the correct order is.

  5. Triple check to make sure.

  6. Triple check to make sure.

  7. Triple check to make sure.

  8. Find a secure way to store it. Get creative!

    • You can do two backups and store them in different places.

If BlueWallet suddenly goes out of business and they remove their application from the app stores, having your backup will allow you to still have access to your funds.

You now have a Bitcoin wallet!

The next step will consist in protecting this backup by using a passphrase.

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