Steps for Sending Bitcoin

  1. Tap on the wallet you wish to send from.

  2. Select Send.

    • To select specific UTXO’s, tap on the 3-dot menu in the top right corner:

      1. Select Coin Control.

      2. Select the coins you want to spend.

  3. Paste the Bitcoin address of the recipient in the address field or scan their QR code.

  4. Write a note for this transaction, so you know what the transaction was for, or who you sent it to.

  5. Enter the amount to send. It must be lower than the total value of the coins that were selected for spending or the wallet balance.

    • Press the Total button to send the whole selected amount (if you want to move the funds to another wallet you control).

    • The amount you enter must be in Bitcoin. BlueWallet provides an estimated value in fiat currencies.

  6. Adjust the fee you wish to pay by tapping on it.

    • By default, you will be faced with 3 options: Fast, Medium and Slow. You can enter a custom amount as well. There are several methods of looking up the current fee rate, one being

  7. The outbound transaction will appear in the Transaction history and the coins will be deducted from the available balance in your wallet.

    • Your change is only visible when sending and using Coin Control, it does not appear in the transaction history.

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