The Remnant

About the Remnant

The Remnant setup is for those that want to max out the privacy and security benefits that a bitcoin wallet has to offer.
You will be shielded from those trying to identify your stack through transaction heuristics, will be able to fend off those that wish to steal from you through the use of physical harm or attempt to hack you and be able to recover your funds through the use of multiple, time-proof and segregated backups if the worst were to happen to your devices.
The Remnant is best suited for those that have a large stack of bitcoin to safekeep, that need to remain on the move, but still have at least one safe house or trusted contact (they won't be able to steal from you, but will be helpful in case of emergency) and want the highest level of security and privacy without being overwhelmed with their setup when the time comes for them to use their bitcoin.
Click here to learn why we selected Wasabi.
Click here to learn why we selected the Coldcard device.

Remnant benefits and limitations

  • ✅Ultra-secure access with pin and passphrase
  • ✅Fully open-source and heavily reviewed
  • ✅Timeproof backups and secure recovery
  • ✅Bitcoin-only firmware
  • ✅Advanced transaction features
  • ✅Plausible deniability options
  • ✅Advanced privacy features
  • ✅Great for long-term storage
  • ✅Perfect for day-to-day usage of large amounts
  • ✅Very reputable and renown teams
  • ✅Setup time: 180 minutes
  • ❌Requires shipping
  • ❌Process intensive
The Coldcard device is designed to be used in combination with laptop or mobile Bitcoin software wallets. Our recommendation is to use the Coldcard in combination with the Wasabi Wallet desktop app.

What is this all for?

  • Buying Bitcoin from a non-custodial exchange.
  • Store very large amounts of bitcoin.
  • You live a nomadic lifestyle.
  • Ability to transact with Bitcoin on a laptop (funding exchanges, making payments).
  • Storing Bitcoin with backups for long-term before upgrading to a hardware wallet.
  • Have access to multiple wallets on different devices secured with a single backup.
  • Managing different wallets for different purposes.
  • Transact easily using the QR code capabilities.
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