The Remnant

Guide Overview

This guide will contain a multitude of advanced features that are available with the Coldcard and Wasabi wallet.
The elements in bold are the most pertinent and the ones used in our workshop, the others can be useful, but are deemed optional.


  • Device initialization
  • Creating an air-gapped Bitcoin wallet
  • Updating the firmware
    • Verifying the firmware
  • Using passphrase security
  • Wallet Backups
    • Seed XOR
    • Using metal seed plates
    • Backing up your passphrase
  • Adding PIN security features
    • Duress Wallet
  • Installing and using Wasabi Wallet
    • Verifying the Wasabi software
    • Using the Coldcard's Address Explorer
  • Mixing your coins with CoinJoin
    • Using BIP-85 to generate a wallet
  • Your key scheme basics
  • Do's and don't's
  • Brick Me PIN
  • Dice Roll
  • Login Countdown
  • Disable USB
  • Scramble Keypad
  • Idle Timeout
  • MicroSD Backup
By the end of this guide, you will have an interface installed on your computer which lets you receive, send, mix and store bitcoins from your Coldcard device. Your wallet will be secured with a passphrase, and you will have proper backups in case your Coldcard is damaged, lost or stolen. You will know how to use the privacy features of your Bitcoin wallet to stay anonymous.
This is perfect if you want to buy large amounts of Bitcoin and store them privately and securely and for a very long time.