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Is Coldcard secure?

Coldcard and Wasabi Wallet Combo
The Coldcard device is the most secure Bitcoin wallet of all time. Wasabi Wallet is the most private Bitcoin wallet of all time. Combined together, they are the most powerful financial sovereignty toolkit ever created.
The Coldcard Mk.3 is an open-source Bitcoin-only hardware device dedicated to the purpose of creating ultra-secure Bitcoin wallets and making Bitcoin transactions. It allows you to manage all of your Bitcoin private keys and access your funds securely, even if your computer or your phone is compromised.
The Coldcard is created by cypherpunks and adheres to the highest standards of Bitcoin security hardware. It is the optimal device for those seeking extreme security and individuals and businesses wishing to store several bitcoins for a long time.
Coldcard in combination with Wasabi Wallet, seed XOR, decoy wallets and backups is one of the safest ways you can use Bitcoin.
  1. 1.
    Both Coldcard and Wasabi Wallet are open-source and has been reviewed independently to make sure there is no malware or backdoor that could compromise your Bitcoin.
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    The Coldcard device is extremely difficult to hack, tamper-proof, tamper-evident, using a secure element. The only purpose of the device is to protect your Bitcoin.
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    The private keys that control the Bitcoin are generated securely on the Coldcard device itself. Everything is encrypted and protected by multiple layers of advanced security.
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    You create secret "passphrase" which is required to unlock access to your funds when you make transactions or during the wallet recovery process. It is impossible for anyone to steal your Bitcoin without this passphrase.
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    The Coldcard has a keypad which you will use to type in your passphrase. You never have to type in your passphrase on a computer or mobile app: everything happens directly on the device.
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    Even if your computer is compromised by malware which affects Wasabi Wallet, the ColdCard device will prevent unauthorized access to your Bitcoin wallet. That's what it's for.
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    Coldcard lets you create backups easily and securely which you recover access to your money if your computer is damaged, lost or stolen.
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    Coldcard has a double-entry pin feature which is required to unlock the device.
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    The device can be used securely in combination with Wasabi Wallet on your computer by connecting it via a USB cable. For maximum security, you can use a microsd card instead (called an "air-gapped" method).

The Coldcard is an open-source, non-custodial, Bitcoin-only hardware wallet.