The Remnant

Steel Plate Backups

In order to make your backups and passphrase timeproof and resistant to the elements (fire, water, wear and tear, etc.), it is recommended to store them on metal plates purposefully created for this task.
The Remnant requires 5 metal seed backup plates. You will also need an automatic center punch in order to puncture the metal plates.
The threats that are mitigated are the following:
  • Heat (everything related to fire hazard).
  • Corrosion (acid resistance, different depending on the type of metal).
  • Crushing (ability to resist intense pressure like a building falling on your seed storage device).
The following stress tests were applied on different metal plates proposed on the market:
  • Fire test: Propane Torch 2000°F with a 5-6 inch diameter flame (most house fires are around 1100 °F).
  • Corrosion test: Muriatic Acid, 12 hour bath.
  • Crushing: 20 ton hydraulic press.
By following the advice of many experts, we have determined the best metal backup on the market is the Seed Plate, which you can buy here.
If you wish to explore other options, you may want to look up to this article made by Jameson Loop.


Each side of a Seed Plate has a column on its left side with letters from A to Z and a row with 12 separate sections to input 12 different words. You only need to put the first 4 letters of the words since they are part of a known set of words.

For your Bitcoin backups

  1. 1.
    Using the felt tip pen place a dot on each square corresponding to the first four letters of each word in the order in which you wrote them down. Start with the Word #1 on the left side of the Seed Plate.
  2. 2.
    Once you are done marking the Seed Plate, revise that all of the words have been noted correctly and in the right order.
  3. 3.
    You can now begin engraving the Seed Plate with the automatic centre punch.
Use the automatic centre punch carefully since they are sharp and can easily perforate your skin if mishandled.
Place the automatic center punch on the first letter of the first word on your seed and apply sufficient force to trigger the mechanism of the punch. The desired effect is a clear mark in the middle of each tile. If you feel like the hole isn’t deep enough, you can repeat the same process as desired.
Repeat this process for the remaining 23 words of your Bitcoin backup.
Repeat the entire process on a new Seed Plate in order to have a second steel backup of your Bitcoin backup.

For your passphrase

Following the steps described above, repeat the process, but this time for your 6 word passphrase.

For your Seed XOR

Following the steps described for your Bitcoin backups, repeat the process, but this time for your two sets of 24 words obtained from applying Seed XOR to your original Bitcoin wallet backup.