Coldcard Hardware Wallet

Why we recommend Coldcard

“The Coldcard device is the most secure Bitcoin wallet of all time. Wasabi Wallet is the most private Bitcoin wallet of all time. Combined together, they are the most powerful financial sovereignty toolkit ever created.”

The Coldcard Mk.3 is an open-source Bitcoin-only hardware device dedicated to the purpose of creating ultra-secure Bitcoin wallets and making Bitcoin transactions. It allows you to manage all of your Bitcoin private keys and access your funds securely, even if your computer or your phone is compromised.
The Coldcard is created by cypherpunks and adheres to the highest standards of Bitcoin security hardware. It is the optimal device for those seeking extreme security and individuals and businesses wishing to store several bitcoins for a long time.
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Coldcard benefits and limitations

  • ✅Ultra-secure access with pin and passphrase
  • ✅Fully open-source and heavily reviewed
  • ✅Easy backup and secure recovery
  • ✅Bitcoin-only firmware
  • ✅Advanced transaction features
  • ✅Plausible deniability options
  • ✅Great for long-term storage
  • ✅Perfect for day-to-day usage of large amounts
  • ✅Very reputable and renown team
  • ✅Setup time: 60 minutes
  • ❌Requires shipping
  • ❌Less convenient usage
The Coldcard device is designed to be used in combination with laptop or mobile Bitcoin software wallets. Our recommendation is to use the Coldcard in combination with the Wasabi Wallet desktop app.

What is this all for?

  • Buying Bitcoin from a non-custodial exchange.
  • Ability to transact with Bitcoin on a laptop (funding exchanges, making payments).
  • Storing Bitcoin with backups for long-term before upgrading to a hardware wallet.
  • Managing different wallets for different purposes.
  • Transact easily using the QR code capabilities.
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