Coldcard PIN Overview

The next step involves choosing a PIN for the Coldcard device. The pin is the first layer of security that prevents unauthorized access to the device, should it fall into the wrong hands. This PIN is extremely difficult to hack.


Take a few minutes to choose the right PIN for your wallet. No rush! Do not skip this part!

There is no way to recover a lost or forgotten PIN. You have up to 15 attempts to enter your PIN, after those attempts, the device becomes useless.

What happens if I lose the pin?

If you lose the PIN, you will lose access to the device. However, you will be able to recover access to the Bitcoin using your Bitcoin backup and your passphrase (see below).

PIN security basics

  • Write down the PIN you want to use before entering it in your Coldcard.

  • Use at least 4 digits for each half of the PIN (8 in total).

  • The PIN is required every time you want to use the Coldcard.

  • Ideally, create a unique PIN that nobody can guess but that you can remember.

  • If you lose the PIN, you lose access to your Coldcard forever.

  • You cannot change your PIN.

  • If you want to change your PIN, you will have to start the process all over again.

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