Air-Gapped Coldcard (optional)

You can also interact with the wallet generated by the Coldcard without ever connecting the device to a computer. In this case, your Coldcard is air-gapped.

In this step, we will be connecting the wallet generated in your Coldcard to Wasabi wallet to view your wallet balance, send and receive Bitcoin, without ever directly connecting your Coldcard to the Wasabi Wallet software.


  • You use a power-only cable to power up your Coldcard (you can use your computer as a power source since there is no data transfer between the devices);

  • You power up your Coldcard by using a wall outlet or battery pack.

  • A microSD card (32GB or less)


We will be uploading the wallet file using the microSD card as to ensure that there is no direct connection between the Coldcard and other devices connected to the Internet.

  1. Insert the MicroSD card into your Coldcard

  2. With the Coldcard unlocked, select Advanced

  3. Select MircroSD card

  4. Select Export Wallet

  5. Select Wasabi Wallet

The wallet file named "new-wallet.json" will be written on the MicroSD card.

Steps for connecting to Wasabi Wallet:

  1. Insert the MicroSD card in your computer

  2. Open the Wasabi Wallet application on your computer

  3. Select the Add wallet from the left-hand menu

  4. Click the Import a wallet button

  5. Select the "new-wallet.json"file from the MicroSD card

  6. Click on Open.

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