Create Wallet backup

The first step to creating a wallet is creating the wallet backup. The reason Bitcoin wallets do this is to make absolutely sure that you created the backup before adding money to the Bitcoin wallet.

  1. Select “New Wallet”.

  2. Get a pen and the piece of paper that has been provided.

  3. Write down the 24 words that are displayed on the Coldcard in their correct order - this is your private key.

  4. Take your time and write them down correctly.

  5. Make sure that the words are easily readable and in the correct order.

  6. Make sure the number in front of each word corresponds with what is displayed on the device.

  7. Triple check to make sure.

  8. Triple check to make sure.

  9. Triple check to make sure.

  10. Find a secure way to store it.

  11. Get creative!

    • You can do two backups and store them in different places.

    • You can store your backup on metal, like this one.

If Coldcard or Wasabi wallet suddenly go out of business and they remove their device and application respectively, having your backup will allow you to still have access to your funds.

12. Complete the test to confirm that you have correctly written down the words by pressing on the number that corresponds to the word that is asked of you.

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