MicroSD backup (optional)

This is an advanced feature that requires you to write down and safe-keep an additional set of 12 words.

You will need an additional microSD card in order to create an ecrypted backup of your 24-word seed phrase, as well as a pen and paper.

Creating the encrypted backup on the microSD card

  1. Make sure that your Coldcard is unlocked with your PIN;

  2. Insert the new microSD card into your Coldcard;

  3. In your Coldcard go to "Advanced" > "Backup" > "Backup System";

  4. Write down the 12 words in the order in which they are displayed on a piece of paper.

These words are unrelated to your 24-word backup.

Verify your microSD card backup

  1. In your Coldcard, go to "Advanced" > "Backup" > "Verify Backup".

This is useful for verifying that the backup file on the microSD card was not damaged or written incorrectly.

Restore your wallet from your microSD backup

You must have at your disposition either a new Coldcard or one with no wallet generated (the Backup has been wiped from the device).

  1. In your Coldcard, go to "Advanced" > "Backup" > "Restore from backup".

You will still need your passphrase to access your funds!

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