Verifying Wasabi Wallet

With PGP signatures you can verify that the software package you download is actually the one by the developers.

Every release of Wasabi is signed by zkSNACKs, the company behind Wasabi.

You can verify that the PGP public key 6FB3 872B 5D42 292F 5992 0797 8563 4832 8949 861E is actually the one of zkSNACKs.

This protects you against malicious man in the middle attacks where bad guys give you a fake version of Wasabi with malicious code.


  1. On the Wasabi download page, click on 'SIGNATURE' under the operating system that you are using.

  2. Open your terminal and go to the directory that contains the file.

  3. Verify the signature by typing the following in your terminal window:

    1. gpg --verify Wasabi-1.1.13.deb.asc for Debian / Ubuntu

    2. gpg --verify Wasabi-1.1.13.dmg.asc for MacOS

    3. gpg --verify Wasabi-1.1.13.msi.asc for Windows

    4. gpg --verify Wasabi-1.1.13.tar.asc or gpg --verify Wasabi-1.1.13.gz.asc for other Linux

If the PGP key in your terminal matches the one above, then you are certain that the software is authentic.

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