Steps for Seed XOR

Steps for Seed XOR

On your Coldcard device

We will be splitting the main seed phrase into two parts.Steps:

  1. Select Advanced

  2. Select Danger Zone

  3. Select Seed functions

  4. Select Seed XOR

  5. Select Split existing seed

  6. Press 2

  7. Press OK

If any parts are lost, then funds are lost if you do not still have in your possession your Coldcard or the original seed phrase with the passphrase.

Make sure to store the 24th word of your original seed phrase alongside both parts obtained through Seed XOR. This allows you to be sure you've gotten all the parts and assembled them correctly.

Saving your Seed XOR

  1. Take out a pen and paper

  2. Two lists of words (A and B) will be generated. Write down each list in their respective order.

  3. Press on the checkmark when done.

  4. Complete the test to make sure that you have correctly written them down.

The seed is now split into two parts!

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