Steps for adding a passphrase

  1. Write down the passphrase you want to use before entering it in your computer.

  2. Select “Passphrase”.

  3. Select the following:

    • Add Word

    • You will have a selection of words to choose from, taken from the BIP39 wordlist.

    • Select at least 4 different words, and choose up to 12.

    • Find the word you want by first selecting its first letter. You will also have the option to add a space before or after the word and if you want to use upper or lower case letters.

  4. Once entered, select “APPLY”.

  5. A new wallet identifier, also called a fingerprint, will be created. Note this down.

  6. Press on the check mark.

You must enter the passphrase each time you want to access the passphrase-protected wallet, else you will be in the default, or passphrase-free, wallet.

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