Steps for receiving Bitcoin payments

  1. Click on Receive (top right corner).

  2. Enter a label for this address. You should write what the payment is for or who it is from in order to keep track of your transactions and who could potentially be tracking them.

  3. Click on Continue.

    • Wasabi wallet will generate a new address for you every time. Selecting Unused Receive Addresses will display other addresses that generated in the past, but have yet to receive funds in them.

  4. Use the QR code or address displayed (it is automatically copied to your clipboard) to receive funds.

    • When hovering over the QR code, a save option appears to the right, allowing you to download a .png file.

    • You can also click on the icon to the right of the address string to copy it.

Once a payment is received, it will appear in the dashboard and your wallet balance will be updated.

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